For anyone to be truly anointed, they must first, understand the price of the oil. It cost the olive everything to become the oil!

In the Old Testament, we see olive oil as the type and point of contact for the description of the anointing. When they placed the oil on the forehead, or right ear and so forth, they were professing that you were anointed. The word anointed means, to be smeared on, or rubbed down. This oil was to be poured on you and as it flowed over you, it would signify that God’s covering was flowing over your life. The anointing is more than just good preaching, singing, or teaching. The anointing will allow you to break the yoke off of someone’s life. So many are hurting, and carrying a heavy yoke of fear, financial lack, wounds, and pain. There are so many people who are looking for someone who is anointed to break that yoke.

There are four major ingredients that make up the anointing oil. Myrrh, Calamus, Cassia, and Cinnamon… Now I know there is one more, but let’s deal with four first. Now four, is a transitional number, 40 is a powerful number. Four is transitional and zero is an eternal number. If you add zero to any number you increase it ten times. Add zero to one and you have ten. Add zero to ten (10) and you have one hundred (100). Add zero to one hundred and you have one thousand (1000). Do you see the power of zero?

Four, is also a significant number. Four is the transitional number between three (3) which is resurrection and five (5) which stands for grace, or favor. Something is being changed in you between resurrection and favor. In the tabernacle, there were four poles to get through in the outer court, there were five poles to enter through to the Holy Place and there were four poles of pure gold to enter the Most Holy Place (Holy of Holies). Four, five, four! In Genesis, God hung the sun on the fourth day and on the four thousandth year God hung the Son, called Jesus. There were four men in the furnace. There were four lepers who stopped a famine. There are four gospels to enter the New Testament and Lazarus was dead for four days, so the number four must have great meaning.

The first and most powerful ingredient is Myrrh… Myrrh is bitter, and represents the wilderness of loneliness and drought. To be anointed you have to first survive the Myrrh. With Myrrh, there was a fifth ingredient, Frankincense. Frankincense is the counter part of Myrrh. Jesus is the fifth ingredient to be anointed. He is the Frankincense. He’s the One person who can bring calmness and sweetness to a bitter life of Myrrh. Both are the main ingredients in producing the anointing oil. Now, of course there are the other ingredients, but for the sake of time, I will have to expound on them later.

To be truly anointed, you must submit to the pulverizing of the mixture in the bowl of change. This means that you must first, lose your own identity, and in the process of being pulverized, you begin to digest and receive the mixture of the other elements. The first season of the anointing is frustration, pain, stress, and attacks.

Expect ridiculous attacks when you are about to show off your anointing.

The truly anointed will force a power shift in the church… If the anointing does not drive something out, it is not genuine. It is called the “law of displacement.” Instead of trying to overcome something, or to force something to leave, first, try to allow something to enter. The entry of one thing will force the exit of the other. The entry of light forces the darkness to exit. The entry of the anointing will force the exit of what is burdening you. Remember, there is always a counterfeit to the genuine. There is human energy that is mistaken most Sundays in churches for the presence of God. We have become masters of the fake and exuberant. Cheerleading is the menu of the day in most churches. But cheerleaders don’t win games, coaching does.

Two kings were picked to rule Israel….one was picked by the people; the other was picked by God…. FAVOR KEY: Whatever promotes you has to sustain you. Do me a favor, go look up the word “sustain”. There is more to that word than you can imagine.

When Samuel went to anoint Saul who was chosen by the people, he used a bowl. When Samuel went to anoint David, who was chosen by God, he used a ram’s horn. Why the difference in utensils? The bowl was man-made and Saul was chosen by man. The Ram’s horn was not made by man, it was made by the Creator, God and David was chosen by God. Whatever anoints you, whatever promotes you, has to be able to hold you, and sustain you. If self promotes you, then self has to sustain you when trouble and crisis come. Believe me, they will come. In those times of hurt and trial, you better have more than a self-promoting or man-made anointing. You better have been anointed and appointed by God.

When you are anointed, you don’t have to possess the best to be the best, you just have to be anointed. David was anointed and chosen by God. Let me give you some keys about those God is about to use to do great exploits.


Take any assignment you can get… it might be the assignment that takes you to your promotion. David is asked to take milk and cheese to the battle field. Always be ready to defend God’s honor. David was insulted by the enemy’s words against God. One of the proofs that you have really been anointed will be your willingness to defend and maintain the honor of God at all cost.

Expect others to resent your willingness to be used. David’s brothers questioned his intentions. They accused him of being self-motivated and prideful. Yet, I don’t see any of them offering to fight the giant. That’s where criticism comes from. It comes from the mouths of those who aren’t willing to do what it takes to win, and are angry at those who do.

What others are doing will never fit what you are to do. Don’t be afraid to use what has been working for you. Never try to use someone else’s equipment. Be yourself! God chose you because there is something about you He is interested in. If He wanted to use Saul’s armor, God would have chosen him. Have you been given something that God can use? David had a slingshot. I am certain that thousands of men his age had a slingshot. When you are anointed it will take less to do more.

The proof you are anointed is that you will exude confidence. David’s size and stature doesn’t intimidate Goliath, it’s his confidence that intimidates him. David showed no fear!

Goliath wasn’t the door for David; He was a key to the door. Goliath died too easy. Anything that dies easy isn’t your problem. Goliath was the instrument to change David’s season. He was the only way a poor shepherd boy could find access to the palace. The real problem would be how David was going to outlast King Saul.

Get ready God is about to take you to places where you have no history. David had never lived in a palace and thus, had no idea how to act in the palace. Getting in the right place is easy, staying there until you can change, now that’s the challenge. Up to now, David had been performing on what he already knew. He’s already used his slingshot more than once. But now, he’s in a place where he has nothing to base his decisions on. This is where the favor mantle is revealed.

Those who are destined to rule will have to be willing to be in places where they are out of their element.

This is where favor makes no sense. David meets Jonathan, who is the King’s son. Jonathan is being trained to be king and is in line to be king. David is anointed to be king, but is not trained to be king. Jonathan is trained, but not anointed. David is anointed, but not trained. Yet, you can’t rule if you are not trained. God knows the anointing is not enough. The anointing is power to perform miracles… being trained, is the anointing to build people and make right decisions. Favor, is when the trained are willing to train the one who is anointed. Jonathan recognizes the gift in David and is willing to train him to sit where he was supposed to. That is FAVOR!

Get ready to show you are anointed. Stop allowing your pain and problems to keep you from your destiny. God is about to take us where demons fear to tread. Why? Because we are anointed! You have no idea where God would take you if He knew that you would know how to act when you got there. You are one relationship away from anything you want. God is about to send you a Jonathan. Your about to experience a Jonathan connection! Why? Because you are anointed!


Get ready to sow some of your greatest seeds. Why? Because you are about to experience the greatest harvest yet!

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